Monday, May 13, 2013

Mama Mia's 5th Birthday

It's 11:35 at night and yet I am somehow managing enough energy to type these words. Perhaps its my fancy new wireless keyboard that Eugene got me for Mother's Day. What's so great about a wireless keyboard you ask? Well, it's for my KINDLE! Which basically makes it a super small and convenient laptop instead of some swipey e-reader. No, this changes everything! I can blog from the comforts of my own bed, which I'm sure will be handy in the next couple months. 

Yes, Mother's Day was great but what was best about today was the end-of-birthday week bash we threw for Mia. 

Here's a recap of her week.

On the morning of May 8th we started with pancakes.

Later that morning, Eugene, Chance and I joined Mia at her school so we could celebrate her birthday with her. They have this really great birthday tradition of celebrating every year of life as it coincides with the earth's yearly trip around the sun.

Our little flower child got to walk around the line 5 times for the 5 years she's been alive. She has been looking forward to this all year long.

Later that evening, she got to chose dinner and we all jumped for joy when she chose Noodles and Company because we ALL love it and no one has to do dishes, win-win. After Noodles, we headed home for some cupcakes and a few birthday presents.  

For her birthday present this year we bought Mia her very own super dainty peignoir set, which is french for a fancy nightgown and matching robe. Why do I feel like that line was straight out of Fancy Nancy?

It blew her away--we couldn't have picked a better gift for her. In fact, the moment she steps into the house from being anywhere she immediately makes a beeline for her gown and robe set.

She's such a girly-girl. Except when she hits. And yells. And grunts. Yeah, come to think of it, she spends her days in two different worlds, a princess in a fairy tale and a truck driver at a monster rally. And that's what I love about her---her variety.

On the morning of her birthday party my sister treated the girls to a salon day at Sweet and Sassy where they got fancy up-do's, manicures, glitter makeup, sticker earrings and a butload of overpriced accessories.

Meanwhile, I was at home getting everything ready for Mia's birthday party.

She wanted a Wreck-It-Ralph birthday party because "it has forever been my dream to be Vanellope Von Schweetz, Mooooooooom."  Which is the lead girl character in the movie. Wreck-it-Ralph meets Vanellope in the Sugar Rush video game---think Mario Kart meets Candyland.  Yes, that's the kind of birthday she wanted.

I smelled a challenge.

In the movie, Ralph is a bad guy who desperatley wants to be good but would only be considered a "good guy" if he earned a medal. So, for our party we decided that every family member needed to earn a medal by passing a test which would allow them to advance to the next level (which was the dining room btw).

And just like Sugar Rush, we all had our own candy inspired player names!

Hearing my mom innocently call herself Nana Wanna Ding Dong was the single funniest thing of the day (That's what she said.) And little Chance would only respond to anyone unless we called him Skittle Boo Chancey Chew. Clearly, my family is committed to my themes. 

Here's the birthday girl with her minute-to-win-it challenge: try to get the cookie into your mouth without using your hands, only your face. It was hilarious!!!!

And the good news is that all Sugar Rush family members earned their medal and was allowed into the dining room for lunch!

By the way, I totally recommend Target's party supply section! They have such fun items to chose from and are a lot less commercial than Party City.

Mia chose the menu and decided that an Oreo appetizer would be a perfect start to her Sugar Rush lunch, followed by garlic bread, carbonara and homemade lasagna. Mia, I want you to know that your awesome dad even took the time to make home made noodles for the lasagna, now that's love.

My sister wowed the crowd with an awesome Wreck it Ralph cake for Mia that almost had me setting up dentist appts just from looking at it. It was DELICIOUS! I can't thank you enough Gabey for all the time and effort that you spend on my kids, they're so lucky to have an Aunt as cool as you.

Seriously, they went NUTS over this cake. What child wouldn't, right?!

It was even rainbow on the inside which had Mia smiling from ear to ear.

Chance was pretty proud of the plates.

And of course, we had to light it again so that little man got a turn to blow out the candles too!

Mia also wanted to give out cookies that were like the medal that Vanellope made for Ralph, so I put my baking skills to the test. 

Overall, the party was exactly what she wanted, right down to the fancy blue fan that she asked us for. 
Mia, your daddy and I love you with all of our heart and can't wait to watch you celebrate 
many more birthdays to come. Watching you grow and evolve is one of my greatest pleasures! Happy Birthday Mia!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got 6 days to prepare for A NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!

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