Sunday, May 19, 2013

Twas the Night Before Your Birth

Tomorrow morning I will meet you face-to-face and I'm so thrilled I could just scream. Which would be a bad idea since I don't want to wake up the rest of your sleeping family. You're daddy is laying right next to me, snoring of course. Your awesome sisters who normally can't stop talking are silently sleeping and dreaming about their newest teammate. Your big brother is sound asleep in his crib clutching two plastic horses and a Thomas blanket. And as of this moment, Chance is still my baby, but 7 hours from now you'll take over that role thrusting Chance into a Kuya status,  which is "big brother" in Tagalog--a role I know he'll be awesome at. Your dog, Rizzo whom you've heard bark every single day is sleeping on an over sized Pillow Pet of another dog, which is hilarious, actually. Your Lolo and Lola, who flew all the way from California to meet you, are right across the hall, nestled all snug in their bed.

Visions of you are dancing in our heads.

I can feel you move around, though I sense its pretty tight in there.Wait till you see what this world has in store for you--it's so much better out here than where you're at right now, trust me. But with every move you make, all I can do is smile. You're inside me!!! And have been for a long time. The whole process is just so beautiful that it never gets old. Okay, sometimes it does. But not right now. Right now, I want to feel every move and every kick because I know its the last time my body will embrace this amazing journey. 

The smell of lilacs just came drifting past me, which I know will always make me think of you and the moments leading up to your birthday. You see, growing up we had a huge lilac tree in our yard and every spring I'd spend hours hanging from the branches to get a better whiff of their exuberant scent. In fact, my mom would leave all the windows open in the house so that the smell of the lilac bushes would suddenly fill our house with the promise of summer. Lilacs were the undeniable symbol that a new adventure lay ahead.

Kind of like you.

This week, like my mother, I have showered our house with fresh lilacs from our yard.

They're in every room.

You see, I always want to associate this time and this smell with you. 

I even hit up my local Yankee Candle Co. store so that I can have a lilac candle 
waiting for us when we arrive home together later this week.  

Until we meet tomorrow morning, good night sweet baby of mine.


As I was leaving the store I noticed a whole new line of candles that are marketed to men. Like an idiot, I smelled the bacon candle. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT SMELL THIS CANDLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE PREGNANT, YOU JUST MIGHT START DRY HEAVING RIGHT THERE IN THE STORE.
Or so I'm told. :)


  1. Best of luck, Gina! You are such a great writer, and you make me ridiculously excited to grow my family.

  2. I almost spit out my cereal when I read about the candle. And for a second, you made me want more babies... then I heard my monsters in the other room. Nope. lol. Love you girl! Wishing you the best today!!

  3. bacon candle?? ew! Good luck-- cannot wait to see you newest little man.

  4. Can't wait to read about your little one...and I am expecting some pretty amazing photos too!



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