Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Movie Under The Stars: Take Two!

And just like that our summer is over. I can't even begin to tell you how fast it went by for me (having a child the week before summer will do that to you.) But since we like to end things with a bang we capped it off with another awesome outdoor movie party. We started this tradition last summer when all our children's friends and their families gathered for an outdoor movie lawn party. And it was so much fun that we decided to do it again this summer.

There was an excitement in our home all week long leading up to the party. From movie choice to banners, the girls were front and center with preparations and decision making. After all, this is their party and I adore that they take ownership.

Her comma cracks me up!

This year we got a little fancy and added a concession stand stocked with hot dogs, pizza, nachos and candy--ya know, cinema essentials.

We decided on showing the movie Up and based our decision on three factors: an extremely high Rotten Tomato score, a best picture nomination, and it's all-around kid friendliness. It also lead to some pretty badass theme decorations. As guests arrived they were greeted by balloons floating 50 feet overhead.

Like our 40 foot Charlie Brown Christmas tree? hahaha

Watching my kids excitement as they reunited with their friends solidified to me why having this party is so important--it brings us all closer together. Months of summer separation vanished and a hint of school spirit was in the air. Even I couldn't help but have fun!

The wine was chilled, the popcorn was popped and within a matter of minutes there were blankets, families and children everywhere.

While there are several themes in the movie Up, one that we focused on was adventure. As a pre-movie activity we asked each child what adventure they'd like to do this coming year and wrote their answer on each balloon....and I'm telling you it was precious.

I could take a lesson from these kids. Alaska, South Africa, space exploration and unicorn rides are just a few of the awesome adventures these kids want to take!

And on the count of three, each child grasping a balloon string excitedly let go and watched as the  balloons soared high into the sky. Don't worry, the environmentalist in me had it tethered to the coffee table, but to a 4 foot child, it certainly felt like they were releasing it!

Once the sun went down we pressed play and snuggled with our families, clinging on to the last of our summer memories.

The night couldn't have been any more perfect.

And we'll do it again next year.

Here's to another great year.

And here's a little movie about our movie!

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