Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chance's Vroom! Vroom! 3rd Birthday!

Holy crap, Chance is 3! SERIOUSLY, WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN? One minute he's a hard-core morning snuggler next minute he's peeing standing up. He has grown SO much since Indy's birth, which is such a blessing because I was afraid he was going to regress. Nope, not a bit. In fact, his birthday marked his official day of going BOTH #1 AND #2 on the potty, which was so awesome since he's really only been doing #1.

Jeez, I've talked about urination twice already and it's just the introduction. No more urination stories, I swear. On to the party....

For his birthday this year, Chance wanted a Lightning McQueen party.

 Thomas the Train was SO last year, sniff sniff, man I really loved his locomotive phase. Little man has moved up the licensed character ladder and his grubby hands are firmly planted on anything and everything Cars. 

He woke up to find the dining room decked out Nascar style--which he absolutely LOVED.  After breakfast we headed up to our local fun park for some surprise go kart racing where every family member got a "Pit Pass" and took turns driving on the tracks, even my mom! Spoiler alert: white haired people are slow drivers even in go karts. 

He was thrilled! 

 Look at the little stud! 

After we all raced twice, we presented him with the "The Piston Cup" gold medal and you would have thought he won the Olympics.                                                                           

We spent an hour at the fun park (which was a perfect amount of time actually) and headed back to the house for lunch. The entire week before his birthday Eugene and I would give Chance options for the lunch menu and he wasn't liking ANYTHING that we suggested. So, in what could only be described as total desperation, I suggested "crunchy chicken" and he started jumping up and down! Now I don't know about you, but I haven't had fried chicken for like a year.  It's one of those meals that I feel terribly guilty eating and avoid as much as possible. But now that it's the main course to my son's birthday lunch---I just have to eat it. Well holy shit, this mama licked her fingers clean! There's a reason I only eat fried chicken once a year and that's because IT'S SO DAMN GOOD! 

To make things a tad bit intresting we had a "Fried Chicken Off" between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Popeyes and Popeyes won by a land slide!


It was a PERFECT day for Chance.                                     

Which is exactly how a birthday should be, right?

Happy Birthday to the sweetest, kindest and cutest 3 year old I know. We love you Chancey. 

Here's his birthday video of our awesome day!

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  1. Such a wonderful video! I love the moment where you capture Indy sleeping ... He has such a sweet smile, as if he is having magical dreams.



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