Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chance's Potty Week

Dear Big Boy Chance,

You make me so proud.

This week we've all watched, cheered and encouraged you as you rocked Potty Week (our family's version of potty training, here's Mia's Potty Week). For the past 4 months I've been prepping you for Potty Week with talks about all the fun things we'd do, all the cool prizes you'd get and how we'd celebrate the end of the week with a potty party. You sounded pretty excited about it and I concluded every one of our talks with you'll know when you're ready and when you know, you come and tell us.

And so we waited until after Indy was born and waited and waited some more and then suddenly preschool started and I knew that all you needed was a teeny tiny push. Moms are good like that. So last Sunday I pulled out the underpants that your Nana bought you so you could "try" them on and wouldn't ya know,  you flashed the hugest smile (which melts me every time) shook your cute little tush (or as you call it buttfish) and ran around the house showing everyone your BIG! BOY! UNDERPANTS! Which come to think of it, I hope that's the last time I ever type that sentence  :)

When I went to take your underpants off, I was met with some resistance so I calmly reminded you that it's not yet Potty Week. And with a wave of my imaginary wand, I held my breath and waited for your reaction. Then suddenly you yelled  "But Mommy, I ready for Potty Week!!!"

Cue the choir of angels.

You woke the next morning greeted by a huge banner and you immediately knew it was yours because you spied your name (which was totally precious btw). It was the perfect kick-off to our celebration.

Prizes, outings and special gestures make up each day of Potty Week. It's a milestone that I want to honor the heck out of, because really, it's a big one. The last shred of infancy gone right before my sappy little eyes. Trust me, it needs its own week.  

Later that night Bella bestowed your first of several gifts and her big sister speech is just adoarable, see:

The next day I picked you up from school and had your lunch already packed in a little travel bag and you were THRILLED. I wanted to pull you aside and say "dude, it's only lunch in a bag" but nothing could damper your spirits.

So off to Target we went and you ate your lunch in the shopping cart like you were king of the world. It's here where we picked out your underpants. After a brutal 15 minutes in the underwear aisle you  finally decided on a superhero trio: Superman, Batman and Spiderman. Seriously Chance, you jump phases quicker than your sisters. All of a sudden Lightning McQueen is a nobody and Thomas the Train might as well be civil war toys.

But I digress.

You proudly showed off your underpants to the cashier and exclaimed loudly "It's Potty Week" but instead it came out sounding kinda like Sloth from The Goonies and I swear she thought you were moaning "my body's weak" cuz she shot me a look like I should take better care of my child. Hmmmph.

Once home, you meticulously layed out your underpants in your new designated underwear basket and fell asleep for naptime with a smile on your face.

The next day your surprise came in an edible form. I busted out my small alphabet shapes and spelled your name in cheese.

Your excitement slays me. In fact you said, "that is sooooo awesome mom" like a total surfer and I couldn't have been happier. I sat at the table and just silently watched you eat, smiling with you as you crunched your Sun Chips, and chewed your cantaloupe--marveling at how happy you make me and how grateful I am to have you as my child. I hope your sweet innocense stays with you forever Chance. You can be happy with the smallest of gestures. MAN, I LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU.

Oh look! You found the hidden green Skittle :)

 The following day you came home from school and your surprise was an HD Nature movie all about birds. Sidenote, you freakin' love large birds; eagles, hawks and seagulls just to name a few. But this movie blew any other Wild Kratt show outta the water because this movie had video cameras ATTACHED TO THE BIRDS. We were both blown away actually!

It also had some savage and gruesome deaths by a lion and a tweeked out baboon....but the birds were sure fun to watch.

Later that evening, Mia gave you a gift for doing so good. His name is Bongo.

Welcome to the family, Bongo. You'll probably be wiped with, spit on, thrown around but trust me, you'll be loved, even by our littlest of members.

And as promised Chancey, we ended the week with a Potty Party. Good food, great desserts and a roomful of people who were proud of you! Not a bad way to start the rest of your life, eh?

I'll love you forever buddy! Great job@!



  1. I love everything about this post! So fantastic and special! Congrats on your big accomplishment Chance.

  2. Wow! Four kids and only one wearing diapers! Rock on!! ;) Love, Bettina



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