Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day: A Weekend Review

For a hot second Eugene and I contemplating going away for Labor Day weekend for an official end-of-summer hurrah but decided instead, to stay local. I forget how great Chicagoland can be when you actually leave your house for longer than 2.5 hrs. The girls finished their 2nd week of school and we started the weekend with Friday Family Movie Night and watched this:

The kids gave it two thumbs up but really they have absolutely no cinematic standards so don't listen to them. Talking animals is ALWAYS a hit with kids, enough said. On Saturday we headed out to the city and ended up at the Museum of Science and Industry. Our intent was to rock out at the jazz fest but since it was raining cats and dogs we headed south on Lake Shore Drive and put our yearly membership to the test.

The museum was great, as always.

Tires as big as your children!

Blood 101

Later on we attended a 1st birthday luau for a neighborhood friend and had such a great time.

On Sunday we took the kids to Santa's Village, a creepy little kids amusement park that they loved the shit out of!

Pardon me for my error, it's not just an amusement park, IT'S AN AZOOSMENT PARK!!!!

With real animals. To feed. And smell.

See the llama that photobombed the above picture? That damn llama grabbed my feed cup right out of my hand and I spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time playing dodge-and-grab-the-cup from him. And he was quick and I was embarassed and now I just really dislike LLAMAS.

The hit of the day was Parakeet Paradise where the kids got to feed hundreds of parakeets. I watched from the sidelines mumbling something under my breath about H5N1 but the kids absolutely LOVED this place.

The feed sticks were only a $1 and it's by far the best return on investment around! 

I think my parents rode these cars when they were kids.

There is no where that I won't take this AWESOME baby. 
Indy was just happy being outside and getting a little attention here and there. 


And a kiddie roller coaster that neither Bella nor I would try. 

Bless my heart, Chance is a daredevil like his dad! I couldn't believe he raised his arms!!!

I swear I'm done buying the 80's novelty tees but isn't this one hilarious?!

There's nothing like good ol' fashioned carnival fun and I'm glad that our summer ended this way.

Tomorrow Chance starts preschool. These birds of mine, they are a flyin'.

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