Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mama Bear

I swear to you I feel like I've been hibernating since January 1st. My hair is almost never done (but it's dark brown again, yippee) and I live every day in sweat pants. PLEASE, someone invite me somewhere so I can put some damn makeup on.

We had another snow day today and another scheduled for tomorrow, which makes a grand total of 4 snow days and it's not even February.

It's 4:04 and all 4 kids are napping right now. Well, I doubt that Bella and Mia are actually sleeping because they are way too cool for that but they're laying quietly in their beds and I couldn't be more happy. Today we've had a fake snowball fight, baked banana bread, played restaurant, read to each other, watched Wild Kratts, built a fort, shook our booties to the High School Musical soundtrack and watched Indy crawl!

Prime example of why I don't homeschool


I interrupt this sweet sounding message to make some clarifications. Yes indeed,  I had 15 blissful minutes yesterday to write the above paragraph but I was never able to actually post it because my break time was short lived. I spent the next five hours mediating ridiculous arguments, bouncing a cranky baby every 10 minutes, picking up every toy we've ever owned and herding my crew of live stock to bed at a reasonable hour--thank God I had our awesome neighbor friend Faith come over to play with the kids otherwise things would have got really ugly.

And we woke up today and did it all over again. Snow Day #2

An impromptu rock band

Hah! Look at Bella. She's rocking out with a triangle--poor thing.

Their tower of power
Snow Day Polar Confinement Day #2 turned out not so bad after all. Though some of our heating went out and we shivered through dinner--it's been cozy wearing pajamas all day and having no plans. Several of my Facebook working moms noted how awesome it was to be home with their kids for 2 days, and that was all I needed to remind myself how lucky I am to be a SAHM. 

Sidenote- I've joined Google+ and frankly, I have no idea what that means, but at least I can easily upload my iPhone pics to my blog without having to sync. And I think it just randomly creates GIF files for me. Cuz look:


Dizzy yet?!

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