Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Big Three Nine

You know when older people do that thing where they lie about their age and always chose 39 as their go-to answer? Well, today I'm that number.

And its funny because I can remember when my dad turned 40 and wondering what "over the hill" meant and laughing at all the funny gag gifts like spray-on-hair and a fake 6-pack. And here I am. Well, almost.

I opened my eyes this morning and decided that I was going to stay sleeping for as long as I could. And it was glorious. Eugene intercepted every obstacle that could have come my way--no children waking me up, no infant next to me wanting milk, no dog whining to go out--it was like a dream. I slept for another hour until I woke to the sound of my 5 besties marching and singing Happy Birthday. Grinning from ear to ear they presented me with breakfast in bed, an occasion that only happens twice a year, my birthday and Mother's Day.

They're so proud of their culinary achievement.

Nutella filled croissants, cheesy omelette and bacon.

Eugene always lays a bathroom towel under the tray, since he knows how crazy I am about having food in the bed. And every time its just the cutest thing ever. Sure, I end up stripping the sheets and throwing in a load of laundry about 5 seconds after everyone's off the bed--but it's totally worth it. I'll always cherish these breakfast traditions with Eugene and the kids.

Later on, we had my family over for dinner to celebrate. Eugene cooked a three course meal of my favorite things, bruschetta, Spaghetti alla checca and steak au poivre. I felt loved all day long--what a great feeling that is.

Somewhere between the second and third course I looked down at the table and noticed a note written by Bella that informed me of a "saprise" in the great room and that all I needed to do was to follow the arrows.

Bless their hearts, a little scavenger hunt.

So I did as I was told and followed about 30 paper arrows that lead me to my homemade birthday cards that were hiding under the coffee table. They were so excited for their little scavenger hunt and I was so touched by their effort and creativity. I hope we are always this fun and this excited about the little things. 

But the highlight of my night was catching this moment between my mom and Indy that just warms my heart. Baby giggles are the absolute best!

I think the craziest thing in the world are people who spend time complaining about their age. What is with that? It is freakin' unavoidable people and frankly, with every year I grow and change and learn more than I did the year before. And that's what I call growth. 

So here's to another year....

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