Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Brincredibles!

Today our family joined over 50 other people donned with red shirts and a big yellow B for our sweetest little friend Brinley Olsen, as we walked in her honor for the Easter Seals Superhero Hustle.

From the start line to the finish line, we were all (super) heroes today.

The amount of love and compassion that lives in this organization is evident from the moment you walk through their doors. Which, btw, has a huge picture of Brinley on display in the lobby. Shameless plug :)

This girl, this family---is loved like no other. Everywhere I turned I'd see another team member--over 50 plus team members made up The Brincredibles! We were everywhere. And we brought love, laughter and hope for the future along with us today.

Thanks for ALL the flowers, buddy.

And then at the end of the 2 mile mark, Tiffany and Chad proudly walked their sweet little miracle accross the finish line. My heart burst into tiny little pieces all over that pavement. All the uncertainty, all the hard work, all the prayers paid off as she SMILED her way over the line.

Our sweet Brinley will be undergoing surgery in about 24 hours....and all my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as they pull through this hard week ahead.

Thank you Tiffany and Chad for being such wonderful friends and an inspiration to so many!

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