Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday: An Hour by Hour Dissection of the Day

I've always wanted to document one of my days through pictures but always chucked it up to something I'll do one day, just not today. As I was driving to the ATM this morning (after putting Bella on the bus and dropping Chance off to preschool) Mia said the single most adorable thing ever (of which I will totally not be able to repeat verbatim because I SUCK AT THE TELEPHONE GAME!) but went something like this...."we should go play at Aunt Barb's house because I am so grateful to God for granting us such gorgeous weather." See? I'm the worst. That wasn't at all as cute as she said it but jack nabbit you get the idea. It was SO cute that I pulled over, put the car in park and took a picture of her looking out the window at the beautiful weather.

And that's exactly when I decided that today was the day I would document.

Mia's Observation

Might want to child lock that non-functioning child lock

A big sister's kiss

The Chancellor is back!

Tower of Terror

Me time = 45 min to attack my to-do list

Reading with Mia after school

After school snack of smoothies and muffin tops

Lakeside eagle hunting with Chance

Turkey vultures in our neighbor's tree

After dinner crabby pants

Bedtime chaos

My favorite moment of the day occurred during the 3:00 hour as I layed on the couch with Mia and snuggled tight. Getting restless, she began to break free but I begged her to stay. She wanted to play outside so I whispered in her ear "I'll never get another April 10, 2014 ever again, please stay with me?" She took a moment to process that thought and when she realized I was right, she smiled and layed back down next to me. The truth in that observation is a little heartbreaking, huh? 

Sometimes I take for granted our robotic routine and go through the same motions every day because they become so familiar, so common. Yet hidden within these ordinary actions is an extraordinary foundation. I see so much love, adventure and happiness in some of these pictures--making me confident that we're doing something right.  Before I know it, this routine of ours will change into something different and when it does I'll always want to remember how it was "way back when." 

So long April 10th...... 

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