Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Staycation Part 1

My social media alter ego is getting seriously ticked off at everyone posting pictures of effing palm trees or their adorable children covered in sand and my personal favorite- refreshing Corona's in the forefront and their tanned and pedicured BARE FEET in the background.

Um, I haven't shaved my legs since Christmas (a fact I wasn't all that proud of but truth is, the more time lapses, the more of a challenge it becomes!)

But really people, do you have to show the palm trees, cuz that's just cruel.

Oh whom I kidding...I would totally be doing the same thing. Wish you were here!

No SPF or flipflops for us this year. We're having a "staycation" for our spring break and we hope to make the most of the city around us. Day 1 started out with a freezing cold trip to Brookfield Zoo. We saw about 5 different animals, played indoors and then took off for a southern style BBQ lunch with friends where we ate our emotions. Our frigid, winter emotions.

Staycation Day 2 was all about our Filipino heritage. Neighborhoods of the World is an event at Navy Pier where every week a different culture is celebrated. And the Filipinos were in full effect!

Every time I get the chance to teach my children about their history, I take it. Learning about our past and keeping these stories and experiences alive is so important for our future. We watched the traditional dances, ate some filipino food and even learned a thing or two....

We ended our day with a trip to our favorite ice cream shop, Plush Horse.

Braving the bitter cold, we stopped for a few pictures

We woke this morning to an inch or two of snow----just enough to put us in a bad mood.  We better get crackin' on some plans for the rest of the week otherwise my kids will start scaling the walls.

Oh wait....


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