Monday, May 4, 2015

Bella's First Holy Communion


I sat in the first pew listening to Father Mike recite The Giving Tree by Shell Silverstein, a most befitting homily for Bella's First Communion mass. It's a story our family knows well and quite literally one of Bella's favorites.

Eugene and I were both brought up in the Catholic Church and the First Communion sacrament is an important one. It marks the beginning of a journey....

A lifetime of faith and love is in store for her.

Matching outfit for her American Girl doll Grace. It's the thing to do these days. 
Yeah, totally more for me than her, I know, I know. 

 This huge smile of hers only comes out once in a blue moon but when it does---wow! 
She is becoming such a beautiful young lady. 

For a moment we weren't sure if Lolo and Lola were going to attend because 
Lola has been very sick the past week. 

But they made it and their presence on this special day was felt by all of us.

Bella and her Godmother Gabrielle, who is ALWAYS there for us. We thank you so much Gabey.
You are such an important figure in Bella's life. 

With gray skies overhead we headed back home and hoped that the rain would stay away. 

Eugene pulled off the impossible....a five course dinner for about 25 people! We had a neighbor girl and a friend come over to babysit the kids while us adults enjoyed the feast. It was heavenly. I couldn't remember the last time I got through a dinner without having to change a diaper, referee a dispute or cut someone's food into little tiny lumps.

The dinner was awesome. It was family style and every course had three different choices. Bruschetta three ways: tomato and basil, artichoke and nutella & strawberries. Second course was salad three ways: farro, seafood and caprese.

Third course was spaghetti three ways: bolognese, carbonara and pesto.

Fourth course was italian sausages, chicken piccata and jumbo shrimp diavolo. And right when our guests were about to unbutton their pants, we brought out some lemon and white chocolate raspberry bundt cakes to top it all off.

The entire meal was filled with good laughs, great wine and the best family a girl could ask for. It was a beautiful, beautiful day. My favorite moment was when your Dad and I put you on the spot to make a toast before we ate and you simply soared Bella.  

May God always bless you, today and forever more.

"And she loved a little boy very, very much- even more than she loved herself."--Shell Silverstein

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