Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hey Batter Batter!

Instead of signing Bella up for the ooey gooey art class that was being offered by our city rec program, we decided to try something a little different, tee ball. On the one hand, exercise and teamwork are important lessons, right? Not to mention this small little detail-- twice a week a coach gets to deal with her, instead of me. Um yeah, where do we sign?!

Upon hearing the news of Bella's latest hobby, her Papa and her uncle's were pretty stoked that they could FINALLY bequeath their baseball knowledge on someone. In fact, my brother Chris went nutty picking her out a mit. A pink and black mit, to be exact. With a matching pink baseball helmet. And a matching pink baseball bat. And matching pink batting gloves. Come on, batting gloves?

Uncle CW started out her baseball lessons with simple instructions. Like, for example, this is a base.

And went through all the bases until he pointed out which was home base.

My Dad, her "Papa" continued the lesson with specific advice: keep your eye on the ball. "Always, always keep your eye on the ball Bella."

Bella nodded her head in agreement.

Her first game was here. At first Bella wasn't too keen on the rather large non-pink colored uniform or the hat that "hurt" her hair. But after some mommy consolation she got over it and got her head in the game.

She focused intently as any second baseman would.

It was her turn to bat.

After lowering the tee as much as they possible could, she tapped the plate, squatted and swung!

She stood there and watched as the other team went scrambling for the ball, completely ignoring all the parents and coaches who were encouraging her to run. "Run to first Bella, runnnnn to firrrrrst."

This same scenario played out every time she was up to bat, this strange yet defiant refusal to run. While driving home and congratulating Bella on a well-played game I asked her why she didn't want to run after she hit the ball. Her response:

"I had to keep my eye on the ball, mommy."

Gotta love the girl for listening!

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  1. I love this keep up the good work :)

    Love Auntie Gabie



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