Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tee Ball Blues

The novelty of tee ball has worn off for Bella. I think I figured it out. She loves going up to bat but HATES being in the outfield. It might be because three of her tiny fingers fit into one finger slot on her mit which renders the mit completely useless. Poor girl can't even open or close the darn thing. Or maybe it's because she has the attention span of a fly. Or maybe because chatting with her teamate Nicole about the newest addition to the Disney Princess lineup is way more important than catching the line drive that is heading straight for them.

And like true athletes they leave the outfield, on their own time, skipping towards the dugout.

Here's the highlight of the game. And thanks to Eugene's new camera we have every single frame captured.

And there's Mia cheering from the sidelines...

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