Saturday, July 11, 2009

If Oprah Can


Hmmm. Not quite the response I was looking for. I was thinking more along the lines of Oprah's studio audience? But then again, I have about 5 followers to this blog and she has about 5 billion. Big difference.

The following things I either love, use daily or couldn't imagine a world without (in no particular order):

The Flip digital recorder is the handiest piece of technology EVER. Although, I do hear those iphones are pretty cool too. It's the size of a 2001 cell phone and takes pretty decent digital footage. I love that I can record something lickety split without any hassle. They do have a HD version on the market that maybe one day I'll upgrade to.

Bella lives in these shoes! They're exactly like the original Crocs--except a much cuter style. I love that she can wear them with a dress or with shorts. And the fact that you can wash away the day's dirt is a huge plus!

I have worn these ballet Crocs every single day since I purchased them in May. I trekked all over Europe in these puppies. They are so comfortable. I'm just thankful that the creative billionaires over at Crocs decided to up their style from the Swiss cheese clog to this adorable ballet flat. And look-- that's a cubic zirconia Jibbitz. Ah yeah!

Grub! I love these bars because of their stats but even more for their taste. They are an awesome snack and are surprisingly filling. Watch out though....high on fiber. You know what that means. My husband has restricted me to one a day :)

BADgal mascara by Benefit. Fantastic. Nuff said.

Okay, I may be a total idiot if Pandora has been out for awhile but I just learned about it a couple weeks ago from my friend Jill and I can't stop listening! Basically, you can pick an artist or an album that you really like and they customize a streaming radio station that sounds similar based on a hundred different attributes like beats per minute, or vocal ranges or songs that use a flippin tambourine. The point is, every song that was played for me, I loved. As I type this, Pandora is playing a song by Rosie Thomas called the Kite Song, and it's making me cry. In fact, I am going to click a link that will take me to itunes so that I can purchase this song and cry all over again. 

Holy Shitake. THESE ROCK MY WORLD! My friend Tiffany turned me on to these bread alternatives, Arnold Sandwich Thins, and I haven't stopped eating them since. For a measly 100 calories and a whopping 5 grams of fiber, these bad boys make an awesome sandwich. If you are a hummus fan, spread a couple tablespoons on these and you've got yourself a THREE point thoroughly filling snack. Yum. Yum and more Yum.

Remember on My Big Fat Greek Wedding when her dad used Windex on everything? That's how I feel with Fabuloso multi cleaner. Not because I think it can prevent strep throat but because it cleans like nobody's business and smells so so so good. My favorite scent is the lime green Passion of Fruits. Although, the lavender is a close second. I use it on absolutely everything.

It pays to be a Costco member. For one, they have rockin dollar hot dogs that I totally order for my daughters in hopes that I can eat half of it and not feel guilty. Another reason why I love Costco, Kirkland Diet Green Tea with citrus. It tastes just like Liptons but way cheaper--35 bottles for $9-- how can you beat that?! Now don't get me wrong, I do feel a little eco-guilty going through 35 bottles in a week and a half which is why they double as an awesome bowling game for a 3 year old. Enjoy! 

Got any recommendations on items that you're a fan of? Please share. Click the comment link at the bottom and add your two cents.

Happy Consuming!


  1. I love those Fiber One bars, and eat them all the time, too. ;)


  2. I think I need those Crocs. I've looked on the website but is there a store that has them where I can try them on? Also, I really like the snow boots they have there. I may be wearing some funky boots this winter- watch out!

  3. The Arnolds sandwich thins were sent here from bread heaven. Thanks, bread gods.

  4. Jen, try your local Croc dealer. I'm sure they are offering the new styles. I bought mine from a Croc kiosk in a mall around here. Patrice, ditto!!!!



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