Monday, February 8, 2010

5 days without Daddy

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the worst blogger of them all? I mean come on Gina, 7 days and no post? That's pretty lame. I can't help it, this pregnancy is putting me in a creative funk.

Shake it off, shake it off.

Let's see what's been going on in the past week over here. Well for one, my husband was in Hawaii for the week (how lucky, huh?) so I tried to keep the girls' schedule as busy as possible so that by 8 at night they're more than ready for bed.

After realizing that our craft drawer was totally pathetic with it's leftover streamers, non-working glue sticks and a couple of cotton balls we decided to replenish our goods. While shopping we stumbled upon window chalk/paint. Hmmm, painting the patio doors sounded like a good winter project right?

Well, it turned out that it was a perfect winter project.

Mia is turning into my little Picasso. She loves to paint, color and draw.

The glass paint was a hit...although it didn't always make it on the glass

Let's see what else.....we made some pretty cool candle holders out of assorted beans and glue (thanks for the idea Tessa and Sienna) for our Aunt Katrina's birthday.

It was a sticky situation, to say the least

We played dress up

We baked some Valentine cookies

Which, btw, do you know how hard it is to convince this little girl that you can't eat the dough! Very hard.

In fact when I had my back turned she even snuck an M&M out of a cooling cookie. Mama Mia!

And to really spice things up a bit, they ate their oatmeal breakfast in their room. It's amazing what a change of location can do to a toddler's morning attitude.

Let's see what else....oh, Bella heaved some precious cargo

And before we knew it, Eugene was home again. Yay! And after bombarding him with about a 3 hour run-down of everything we did this past week, we all slept together, all 4.25 of us.


  1. I LOVE the paint-- where did you get it?? What a great idea since my sliding doors are always filthy with hand and face prints anyway. Also, I always let them eat the dough, which is totally irresponsible, huh? Great pics, and good for you for keeping busy sans Eugene-- you are such a fun and creative mom!

  2. Indeed. If all your creativity is funneled into keeping your girls happy? We totally forgive you for a quiet blog. :) Looks like y'all had loads of fun!

  3. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, you should know by now that I buy EVERYTHING I own from Target (wait, strike that, I got a killer pair of loafers this weekend from Old Navy for $1.97!). The window paint was in their craft/Crayola aisle. Yes, it totally covers up handprints and open mouth face prints. In fact, today I handed Bella a spray bottle of water and she LOVED wiping the paint off. We kept it up for the week....

  4. Oh and girls, the truth is, I try my best not to let them eat the dough but then I'll turn around and shove some in my mouth. Nice example, huh?!

  5. Ok, how'd you get the words on the cookies? Did you just use a toothpick or something? Those are adorable!!

  6. Court-hah, I wish I could lay claim to the words on the cookies but they were a pre-made package from the store.

  7. great idea on the window paint. did the girls like the candle holders they made? I miss them so much!

  8. I love the window paint idea, too. I saw some at Michaels but passed on the price. I'll have to look at Target, too.

    We sleep together all the time, too. Especially when Theo gets home from trips. All 4 of us, plus dog and 4 out of 5 cats. Isn't that the best feeling?

    Your girls are so cute!



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