Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Garden of their Own

The truth is, I'm a novice gardener. I absolutely love it, but every season I'm still learning. As I continue to educate myself on the subject, I thought it would be beneficial if I introduced gardening to the girls, so that we can share in this adventure together. You see, my master plan is to create a sibling workforce 5 years from now who can do all the dirty work for me. Like the watering, and the weeding, and the mulching. I envision myself sipping lemonade, perched on a rocking chair while my little army cultivates the earth around me. But since throwing mulch at her sister seems to be the only thing Mia knows how to do these days, I knew I had to start the training now. So for their first lesson in gardening I purchased 2 plastic flower containers that would become their very own personal gardens.

I also bought some colorful paint pens to decorate their containers. And after a couple of pretty potent whiffs I managed to draw out their names.

Subtlety has never been my strong suit.

Now for the flowers. Since our house is surrounded by a lot of trees, we only have a few spots that actually get full sun. I explained to the girls that most flowers fall into two categories, those that need sun and those that need shade. When asked what type of garden they wanted it was no surprise to me that Bella chose full sun and Mia (showing off independence) opted for shade.

We took a trip to the nursery and had a ton of fun as the girls picked out their flowers. Bella's was very pink and purple heavy while Mia showed off a little more contrast. Here's the final products:

They turned out pretty cute, huh?

Happy Summer!!!

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  1. Adorable!!! Harry has a tomato plant in a pot and raspberry and blueberry bushes that he (we) (Ben) planted next to the house. He LOVES them with all of his heart and is constantly checking for fruit we can eat (none yet). It's like a pet that doesn't make a mess.



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