Thursday, June 3, 2010

Grandparents to the rescue!

Gotta love the power of grandparents, huh? We recently had my in-laws stay with us for several weeks and we had such a great time. The girls loved having them here. Every morning they'd wake up their Lolo and Lola and greet them. On this particular morning, they were greeted with a Beyonce/Chipmunk dance party. At 8AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's more highlights.....

Enjoying a Chicago staple, Gino's East Deep Dish Pizza

Hitting up the coolest museums

Lolo and the girls decided to get creative

We even took a little road trip to Galena. Here we are dining at Vinni Vanucci's

Every time we uttered the word "Vinny Vanucci" Bella would bust up in laughter. So we kept on saying it....

The joke lasted about 14 hours until lunchtime the next day when we dined at Durty Gurt's. Which, to Bella was by far a better name.

We had so much fun in Galena!

After Galena we took a trip to see The House on the Rock. I think we were the only ones in the entire place!

Room after room, there were these elaborate displays of instruments that were programmed to play by themselves--like a full orchestra! Creepy?

Yeah, a bit.

Although seeing the world's largest carousel was pretty cool. This carousel has 20,000 lights and not even a single horse on it!

But the highlight of their stay with us, for me at least, was watching them visit Bella's pre-school. Not only did they get a nice tour, but the even got a chance to read a book to her class. The kids loved it and Bella was so proud of her grandparents. Miss Brenda even showed the class where the Philippines are on the globe. Lolo and Lola were like celebrities to them!

It was such a special memory for Bella--and I too will cherish it forever. Thank you Lolo and Lola for spending time with us. We'll always have these priceless memories!


  1. So sweet! How nice that they got to stay for a long visit! You guys were busy! I love the cry babys sign - I need that!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful visit-- what lucky little girls, huh?

  3. This is sooo fun! We have never taken our kids to Galena! We need to do that! :)



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