Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So the other day I was putting together a container garden when Mia walks up next to me and says,

"Roggy! Roggy!"

It took me about a good 45 seconds before I understood exactly what she was saying. I thought maybe there was a frog printed on one of the plastic flower containers, so I just shrugged it off. And then she got louder. She tends to do that when people don't understand her, she yells it, thinking we just can't hear her. It works great in church.

"Mommyyyyyy---roggyyyyyy" and pointed to the window sill. Holy crappers. Sure enough, sitting there staring at us in shock was this teeny little frog. I'm telling you, Mia's got a way with the reptiles. Both girls started jumping up and down and immediately busted into a frog welcome dance which, to my dismay, frightfully resembled a stripper routine.

Without even thinking of the ramifications, I walked twenty feet into the garage and grabbed the terrarium Bella got last year for her birthday. Oh, the terrarium. The home we planned to move her godforsaken tadpole Daria into, once she became a frog. But as you recall, she never became a frog. And if you recall just a little bit more with me, you'd know that she died.

You'd think I would have learned my lesson.

But, nooooo, gotta please my kids. I mean they performed a welcome dance, how could I not? I'm sooooo weak! So weak! Too excited at the thought of a frog actually inhabiting this home, I picked him up and shoved him in.

When I asked Mia what she wanted to name him, she said "Ribitt." Genius. When I asked Bella what she wanted to name him she said "Granola." Not so genius since she was, in fact, holding a granola bar when this all went down :)

Suddenly we had another pet in the family. One that needed to be fed. Dammit, where's Mr. Miagi when you need him? The girls put the habitat on the outdoor table and proceeded to play tug of war with it. This was only going to end badly, I knew it.

Somehow the habitat made its way into our dining room. Blech. It spent the night there and I knew what needed to be done. I would wait until morning.

Luckily, it was raining outside and so I made that my excuse as to why he wanted to go home. Mia was less than happy. What I don't have captured was her pounding on the glass screaming "Ribbit, Ribbit" much like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. But I did get this....

So long, Ribbit, it's been fun!


  1. I'm always surprised when we find frogs in our yard. We aren't anywhere near water, but they live in our window wells!! So weird! You are such a better woman than I, though...never would I catch or keep one in my house! lol

  2. We have that same terrarium. My boys have killed two frogs in it by leaving it in the sun. Nice.



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