Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Door County in Fall

I've said it before--I LOVE ME SOME FALL! I especially love visiting other towns that embrace this love too. Tucked in my files of memories I can easily recall the excitement I had visiting the New England states 4 autumns ago. Vermont and Massachusetts were amazing.

Eugene and I decided that we wanted to plan a fall weekend away, with hopes of finding a place that would showcase the fall. I did a lot of research online and spoke with friends and concluded that Door County, Wisconsin would be the perfect spot.

It is known as a photographer's haven this time of year and I now understand why. Eugene was inspired everywhere he looked. With sunshine all weekend long, we spent all of our time outside. Could you blame us? Look at this!

He has such an eye for photography. Such talent.

Here's my favorite picture. And apparently it's the most photographed spot in all of the county.

From another angle...

Door County is located on the northern tip of the Wisconsin peninsula, with Lake Michigan on one side and Green Bay on the other. All of these lakeside towns are adorable and quaint and quiet....but we chose to stay in Sister Bay because of the Fall Fest.

All five of us had so much excitement when we arrived at our new "house," a perfect little two bedroom townhouse in walking distance from the festival (which comes in real handy later on). The girls decided to unpack all of their stuff and find a home for EVERY SINGLE THING they brought. Mia couldn't believe that she was going to have a big girl bed all to herself. She was so thrilled she spent nearly 20 minutes laying her blanket out perfectly. OCD? It was so cute to watch! After their bedroom was perfect, we all went out and played.

Even Chance got in on the action!

After a relaxing night, we woke up on Saturday morning and headed to the festival. Eugene and I laughed with each other as we realized how much having a third child changes things--since we were BOTH pushing a stroller into town.

The town's festivities began with a parade, but our festivities began with a beer. Classy.

There was a huge turn-out!

And the smell of brats filled the air.

Along with pumpkin pie, hot cider and caramel apple sundaes!

Cheesin' for the camera

While Chance slept and the girls grubbed on their parade candy, Eugene and I refilled our glasses. I'm telling ya, afternoon buzzes are great, aren't they? It's the best buzz of all. Look what happens when uptight Mommy downs a couple of brewskis....

The fest was so much fun and it felt great to let loose a little bit. After we let the kids frolic at the park in the town square we walked home and all passed out for a couple hours. A perfect afternoon nap! Waking up and feeling a little guilty over our self indulgent afternoon, we decided to take the kids (in their pj's) to the local drive-in movie theatre where we all saw (for the third time) Toy Story 3.

And you know what, it doesn't get old. Nope--the more they watch it the more they love it!

On Sunday morning we decided to stop by a local favorite for some breakfast before we hit the road for home. Check it out, it's a Scandinavian restaurant--with an authentic grass covered roof.

Oh but it gets better.....cuz there's GOATS GRAZING ON IT!!!

Crazy, huh?!

As we drove home we already started the talks about doing it again next year. I like the idea of starting our own family traditions....I hope we follow through.

Until then, we'll let our pictures remind us.


  1. AMAZING! You and Eugene have such skill and talent! Door county looks like a post card from bygone times. Beautiful. Doing the pumpkin vase tomorrow!

  2. Wow, beautiful pictures once again! I want that owl poncho!!!! And that pic of Chance is just yummy - as are the food descriptions and photos! How fun! I just love fall!

  3. Sounds like heaven!! Beautiful!

  4. We used to love to go to Door County when I was little. It is really beautiful. And you're right, Eugene has a real eye for photography. But with stunning scenery and a gorgeous family, it's easy! Glad you had a good time!



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