Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 months young!

My little guy Chance hit the two month mark recently and we celebrated by weighing him, measuring him and sticking him with a few needles.

Awww, I'm such a sweet mom.

I still giggle a bit when I refer to him as my son. I LOVE having a boy in the family and when he smiles at me it sends me spinning! It felt great when my daughters smiled at me at his age---but I SWEAR there's something so different this time around. Already he is the ultimate shopping companion, the perfect dinner date and the sweetest morning wake-up call. I could lay with him for hours if only my two other children would allow it. He loves interaction and just recently discovered his hands. On a random note, I accidentally found out that he has a fondness for Snoop Dogg and laughs every time I rap "D-O-Double-G."

He is so much a part of this family and fills our hearts with so much happiness. Even the girls are extremely protective of him. Mia practically pees on the legs of anyone holding him-emphatically marking her territory.

We get such a kick out of him. We notice every detail and acknowledge every teeny milestone. Chance has had such an impact on us in these past two months that I can only imagine what this next year has in store.

We love you Chance!


  1. While I DO so love my daughter, I have to confess my boys do something all crazy to my mean mommy parts. They just go away...I become nice mommy and give in to whatever they want. Beware!!! :)

    He is such a beautiful baby, gina. So glad you're enjoying him so so much!!

  2. I love how he's leaning over in the last picture. Those little neck muscles aren't too strong yet!

  3. He is getting so big! Yes, now you know that special connection mamas have with their boys. Welcome to the club!



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