Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't Rain on My Parade

A few weeks ago our hometown celebrated the annual Chili Cook-Off which is always accompanied with a parade down the main street. For the past two years we have missed it for one reason or another so I wasn't going to let that happen this year. Even though it was thundering out and the sky was the shade of an avocado we were determined to show our hometown support.

When we arrived street-side to the parade I noticed all the other children carrying plastic bags. Ya know, to catch the loot.

Crap. Should have thought of that one. Quick on my toes, I remembered that I had a plastic bag in the car and one of those nylon bags that folds up into a little ball (that I swore I would use all the time) stashed somewhere in my purse. Score! After two years, I finally have a use for the darn thing that I compulsively bought while waiting for my turn in line at Pier One. I am the model of consumerism.

Parades are fun for about 15 minutes. There's only so much waving and smiling you can do and still look like you care. Yeah, the fire trucks were cool although I think they got a little horn happy. All that mattered to Bella and Mia was the candy they were tossing from the floats.

Dude, look at this. My children are vultures.

Especially Mia. She almost body slammed that little boy over a tootsie roll! Check it out--they're in a candy standoff!

My favorite part was when my former high school's marching band came barreling through. I don't know why but I get so proud whenever my kids see a part of my past. Which, btw I am TOTALLY taking them to the homecoming game this friday.

After they passed, Bella tugged on my shirt and told me that she wanted to play the saxophone. Aww, isn't that sweet.

One time at band camp......

But sadly, it did rain on our parade. Which literally happened about thirty seconds after the band marched off. As people ran for cover, my genius children thought it would be a perfect time to gank the rest of the leftover candy. I actually had to BEG them to get out of the streets and drop the WET candy. Yes, we are that family.

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  1. I love a good ole fashioned hometown parade! And I love that your daughter is holding a Jessie doll! My daughter was her one year for Halloween!



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