Monday, September 6, 2010

My Secret?

My secret to being a patient, fun, energetic and all around good parent?

A Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino Lite!

I am in LOVE with this drink. And how could you blame me? With a mere 130 calories, 1g of fat (2 WW points) it is the perfect pick-me-up, perfect meal replacement and perfect dessert substitute, all in one. Those statistics are for a tall, but the grande is still only 2 WW points. Which is why I go for the grande!! It's great for someone like me who's not a coffee drinker but sincerely needs a daily wake up drink. You would be amazed at the before and after in my personality.

Just ask my kids!


  1. I drink those and I am still a raving bitch. Maybe if I crushed up a Xanax on top?

  2. and hell ya would I buy that drink! What I really meant was that in no way at all am i a patient, fun, energetic and all around good parent without the help of an upper. You seem to like the lates these days, huh?



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