Saturday, September 18, 2010

Feeling like P-Diddy

This video will self destruct because of the following

1) I am mortified that she is singing Ke$ha and not The Wheels on the Bus
2) This is what happens when you let your daughter spend the day with her aunt
3) I had to explain that the singer brushed her teeth with a "Jack"-in-the-box.

Oh lord, I'm doomed. On a side note Bella, while Ke$ha has the mentality of a roly poly and her lyrics are horrific, your phonemics, my dear, are spot on!


  1. This made my whole day! What a little Gina she is!

  2. That's some good stuff, G. I can see it now...Mother of the Year...Gina Narciso.
    Go Bella Boo!!! My favorite is hearing you and Gabey at the end :)

  3. I Love it! Bella rocks.



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