Monday, October 25, 2010


It's not often that I dine in an establishment that doesn't have mac-and-cheese listed somewhere on the menu. And it's not often that I dine in a place where I have no choice over what's being served. Cloth napkins and wine sommelies? Are you kidding me?

Not kidding at all people. We dined at Moto.

Moto, a postmodern dining experience, is at the forefront of culinary innovation. Chef Homaro Cantu and Pastry Chef Ben Roche are the perfect team. Like two kids in a 7th grade science lab, they challenge the way we typically view food.

Using molecular gastronomy, our senses were amazed at every single course. And, um, there was ten of them!

Which is exactly why I'm going to blog about it.

Like in any other restaurant, we were handed our menu. Only this time, it was edible! A yummy garlic and parmesan brioche!

Our first course looked like a snow man. But it was a lime foam with black sea salts over a bed of ahi tuna.

Before the second course arrived, my diet coke was delivered to me. IN A BEAKER. AND IT WAS SMOKING!

How cool is that!!

Our second course was an incredible piece of Hawaiian fish (I forgot the name) that was flown in that day, crisped on the outside and on a bed of roe. Delish!

Next, was their take on traditional crab cakes. Although, there was nothing traditional about it. Playing off of the word cake, they created a sponge cake with crab infused in the batter, topped it with a lemon butter frosting and paired it with fennel and butternut squash ice cream. AMAZING!!!!!

Next up was a maitake mushroom and pork belly dish. Get this---the mushroom that is standing up is actually mushrooms that were vacuum sealed, crushed and then put back together again and formed into the look of a mushroom. Basically, they were deconstructed mushrooms that had the texture of a funyon or a cheese puff. Awesome.

We're not even halfway through yet. Next up was a spin off of the tastes found at a baseball game. Here's the breakdown, breaded quail with a caramel sauce, crushed popcorn and an edible Cracker Jack logo. Definite home run!

Did I mention we had the wine pairing as well? By this time, Mama G was feeling really good!

Our sixth course looked like a big sushi roll, but was actually rabbit wrapped in a risotto roll. Accompanied by an amazing sauce, dehydrated peas and a radish slice--it was perfection!

Up next was what they called a mexican cannoli. Sweet and spicy, this dish had it all. Loved the contrast in flavors here.

Our first of three dessert dishes, was incredible. It was a truffled ice cream cake. Literally, the cake was the flavor of truffles, it was so unique. The flavor, the texture--everything! Who thinks of this stuff? Well, Ben Roche apparently.

Our next dessert was called pineapple and chai. It was so simple and so perfect. I swear, this guy's a genius!

The final dessert was called Tea Time. And it was a chocolate mousse, drenched in cookie crumbs and paired with Earl Grey ice cream. Very impressive.

The meal was fabulous and fun and exciting all at the same time. I felt like I was trapped in a Top Chef marathon hosted by Willy Wonka--and I loved every minute of it!

Before we thought we were done, Chef Homaro Cantu and Chef Ben Roche had one last surprise in store for us. Delivered to our table was a set of lab beakers topped with an edible packing peanut (the ones you fill boxes with). As we all ate the foam peanut, a blast of smoke simultaneoulsy erupted out of our mouths. Laughing, we all took a final sip of a clear soda that I swear tasted just like roses.

It was an amazing experience!


  1. I think I heard about these dudes on some food channel. Very jealous. Takes the whole "dining out should be an experience" thing to a new level huh? Smokin Diet Coke in a beaker... Got to get me some of that. :)

  2. That looks amazing. I know where to go the next time I'm in Chicago...after I come see you first, of course :)



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