Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Fairy Sprayer

I wonder how many times a day I bend over to pick up a toy or a trinket or some ridiculous little knick-knack that SOMEHOW made its way into our house, onto the floor or stuck in between a couch cushion. In fact, I'm often found cursing profanities under my breath as I make the daily rounds putting away the tea cup or the toy spatula or the godforsaken fairy figurines.

But as much as I complain about the 25 cent yo-yo, they'll play with it. And have fun with it. And make memories with it.

Like this particular morning, when Bella spent 15 minutes at the kitchen table, intensely focused on creating a masterpiece using every little knick-knack within arms reach. When I walked past her, I did a double take and grabbed my phone.

Her imagination makes me smile. I see her do these things every single day but sadly, I don't pay enough attention to them. I let my schedule and my routine take precedence. I should stop and listen more before it's too late, before tea parties and doll houses are "soooooo uncoooool mommmmmmm!"

Until then, go-on girl, spray your fairies!


  1. Gina. Seriously. You have the most beautiful kids. Ever.

  2. I got chew Mom! I love them so much. :) Thank you for posting this. xxoxoxo



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