Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I think it was some time in June when we walked out of the movie theatre after seeing Toy Story 3

and Bella informed me that she would like to be Jessie for Halloween. She's hard core like that. Moments later, Mia too started jumping up and down and began howling something inaudible. About 5 minutes later we figured out that Mia was making it clear that she wanted to be Woody. After all, they've had their Woody and Jessie dolls attached to their hip since that day in June. And believe me, these dolls have gone EVERYWHERE with them. Their dolls have made perfect

reading buddies

and dance partners

They can be seen in almost every picture

at every event we've attended since June.

Clearly, we've taken our adoration of Toy Story to the extreme.

Which is why when Halloween came around, it was crystal clear what needed to be done. Introducing the Sergeant, Mrs. Potatoe Head, Alien, Woody and Jessie.

Oh but wait. There's more. Here's Barbie

And did it stop there? Heck no! We drove to my brother's house to meet up with Buzz Sr., Buzz Jr. and Ken!

It was one of the most memorable Halloween's I've had. There was a collective giddyness among us. We laughed at eachother all night. My sister's boyfriend gets the kudos though, since his Ken outift was AWESOME! All day Mia insisted on being called Woody. Even when she was getting yelled at. Bella negotiated different candy choices and even performed a return/exchange at one unlucky house.

Man, I love my family! Happy Halloween!


  1. I LOVE it! Group costume themes are the best and you guys knocked it out of the park! Awesome!

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  3. To infinity and beyond indeed. Slow clap. Nicely done. p.s. Encouraging words from Mr. Lonely there.

  4. I am in awe of the fun-ness!! Adorable costumes. Awesome memories. :)



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