Friday, May 27, 2011

Mia's Day

This year, Mia's birthday fell on Mother's Day and truthfully, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day than celebrating 3 years of her precious life.

The kids woke up rather early so I stumbled into their room, snuggled under the covers in Mia's bed and watched as all three of them played happily. It started with a wardrobe change of course, then a game of "restaurant" where Mia was so proud of her cupcake idea.

Look- it's literally a cup cake, get it? It took me awhile too--I mean I was half asleep. Then the birthday girl demanded that Chance order her cupcake from the imaginary menu that she handed him. But he was too focused on his plastic toast at the time.

The next course was a vegetable soup, duh?!

I love watching them play. I wish I did it more often--actually watching instead of taking my eyes off of whatever I'm doing and glance-up to confirm that they're both alive and well. I thought about that as I laid in the bed that morning. This is their prime time--I've got to soak it up before it's too late. 

Our simple little play food set has seen so many memories over the past 5 years. What other toy has the ability to withstand DAILY play and still maintain interest after FIVE YEARS? 

We scored on that one.

But of course, "restaurant" got boring. So they moved on to the world's largest slinky. 

Which is a prized possession of theirs because their Dad "the hero" won it for them 
in a rest stop crane game. He's such a sucker for the crane game--and truthfully, has a pretty good track record with it. What gives?

I crawled out of Mia's bed, yawned and stretched and headed to the kitchen for some breakfast. A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without our famous pancakes. Which, btw here's my secret, add a bit of almond extract into your pancake batter--you'll love it!

Mia was so excited. Mark my words, a 3rd birthday is a big one. It really means something to them. Not that her 2nd bday didn't---but there's a difference here. A sense of self recognition and self confidence occurs. It's so sweet. It was the same with Bella too.

It took about three minutes after breakfast for Mia to get dressed up for her big day.

For her birthday menu Mia had 2 requests, ham and cheese sandwiches and churros. Not just any churros--Costco churros

How hilarious and random is that? 

Funny story there because we all thought for about 10 minutes that she wanted Cheerios. Costco cheerios. But I was thrown back since I have never bought Cheerios from Costco. She was so frustrated and then like a light in my head it dawned on me that she said CHURROS. You should have seen her excitement when she was understood. 

Just to be understood.

So Top Chef Eugene took her culinary requests as a challenge and proceeded to prepare 3 courses all of which had ham and cheese. First up, ham and gouda paninis. Second course was a tortellini with pancetta and cream. And finally, honey baked ham and potatoes au gratin. Yum, yum and more yum. Granted, a tad heavy for a 3 year old party but that's Eugene for ya.

Not surprisingly, she barely ate. Maybe it was the thought of her cake looming over her head. Mia made it very clear that she wanted a princess cake this year and since our resident cake boss Gabe was in Jamaica at the time, we relied on Walmart. 

And--omg---they make some AWESOME cakes. Just look at this!
The castle and figurines are non-edible which means she scored a little present too.

Look at shifty little Bella in the bottom left hand corner. Busted.

I couldn't light the darn thing fast enough--check out the amount of frosting on her face and grubby little fingers prior to blow-out. 

And not surprising Bella couldn't hold out much longer--she jumped in on the action too.

Oh my frosted-toothed little 3 year old. This is a framer. One to show your prom date for sure.

Mia opened her presents and loved the bicycle we got her. But really Uncle CW got the award for best gift since she spent the rest of her birthday flipping away the new hair from her Rapunzel wig. 

Dude, this wig sheds more than my dog!

After a long day, Eugene and I tucked in an exhausted little 3 year old with a hug, 
a kiss and an I love you. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet and sassy and smart little Mia!


  1. OMG-- that wig is awesome. Do they listen to Willow Smith? Because H and J would love to wear that wig while singing "Whip my Hair Back and Forth"

    Costco Churros-- ha! Ben's favorite.

    Looks like a great birthday! Happy birthday Mia :)

  2. You're so right about the Willow song! I need to introduce it to them--it would be perfect.

  3. i was choking laughing at top chef eugene. awesome. and did she get to costcos for her churro? i once scaled all of disneyworld looking for the ONE churro stand in the joint. (tip: it's near the pooh ride in toddlerville. who knew?) is that chance standing already?? yea, yea, i know he is 10 months but jeesh. happy birthday mia!



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