Monday, May 30, 2011

And Summer begins

This Memorial Day weekend didn't turn out as bad as we thought it would. Sure, we were on a house lock-down from severe thunderstorms ALL weekend. But not today. Today was 91 degrees and sunny. Yes, sunny. It seemed that no matter what time it was it looked like 9PM for three days straight, so the thought of a hot and sunny day was perfect. 

To start our summer off right, we hit up a Chicago area beach. Bella and Mia were so excited. Since Chance was born smack dab in the middle of the summer last year they only went to the beach once. And I've felt bad about that ever since so I'm trying this summer to make it up to them. 

They played.... 

and played 

and played.

Running back and forth carrying teeny tiny little buckets of water. Come to think of it, I might want to splurge next time and buy them a decent size sand bucket not ones the size of urine cups. But hey, they didn't mind. Well, at least for the first hour.

Even Chance had a ball. This pic was taken about three seconds before he grabbed a handful of sand and ate it. 

Good times. Good times.

Speaking of good times, can you see the amount of sand covering Bella's skin? Every single sand particle that you see can currently be found on the floor of our car. 

Like I said, good times.

We capped off our afternoon with a Dora ice cream cone that melted before Mia even had a chance to say gracias.

FINALLY, summer is here!

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