Friday, June 3, 2011

Graduation Day

Daaang, preschools are pretty hard core!

Not sure if they've always been that way since this is my first time experiencing it but I tend to think so since recently Bella graduated from Pre-K. Like a real graduation ceremony. With caps and gowns and all! Sure it was a mens dress shirt worn backwards but the point is still the same--the idea that they've successfully completed a stage and are moving on to a better, more challenging one.

It was actually sweet. I really think the children understood the concept and the importance of it. I remember last year when I was SUPER preggers and crying at all the pre-k graduates at Bella's  2010 end of the year celebration, thinking that will be my Bella next year, sniffle sniffle.

Well, here she is. A graduate.

 It seems silly at such a young age but think about it, if she plays her cards right, she will experience 4, maybe 5 graduation ceremonies in her lifetime. That's not a lot. And each one will have such a different meaning to her.

She'll be a different Bella at every one.

But today? Today Bella was full of poise and excitement to be standing up there with her classmates. Each student received a character award and Bella received the "confident and attentive" award. Awe, so proud! Then the teacher announced what she wanted to be when she grew up. And to our surprise Bella wanted to be a doctor. Score! Parent win for sure. 

But believe me, I started sweatin' a bit thinking she might say Ke$ha. 

My favorite answer was a boy in her class who wanted to be a stay-at-home-dad. Another parent win! As I watched the kids on the stage I recounted some of my favorite memories from the past 2 years. Memories of her first day of school when her backpack was too heavy for her to hold.

 Or when I could barely recognize her as the goat whisperer during her live nativity, 

or when her preschool class put on a performance for  Grandparents Day

or when Bella's Lolo (Grandpa) from California got to be the guest speaker for her class!

Such happy memories. 

Her teachers have been awesome too. Let's see, her first year she had Miss Brenda

and Miss Veronica

and her second year she had Miss Carrie

and Miss Marianne.

A huge thanks goes out to all four of these amazing ladies 
for their patience and leadership over the years!  

Here are a few of the highlights from her graduation ceremony. 

On our way home we talked about her wanting to be a doctor and she told us that she wanted to be a doctor who works in the Winter and Spring but stays home during the Fall and Summer. We couldn't help but smile. Because, really? How GREAT would that life be!

Congratulations Bella!

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