Monday, June 6, 2011

A day with Thor

It's about that time again. That time when I get so fed up with my own hair that the only option I see is to cut the heck out of it. I always get to this point and crumble. Why? WHY? Why can't I embrace my long-ish locks and make it look like a decent head of hair? Why does my hair have to be as thin as tooth floss? Why am I like 80% gray, already????


This weekend, I have an appointment at a fancy-schmancy salon in Chicago. Like, they have valet parking! My sister, who has faithfully cut and colored my hair for the past 8 years thought I would really enjoy getting pampered in a salon for once. And I agreed. And I'm sooooo excited.

While browsing the list of stylists to chose from I was bombarded with bios and photos and I ended up making my decision based on one thing and one thing only,  his trademark is a 10 minute head massage at the end. Um, yeah! I don't know about you but that sounds to me like a coupon! What, what!!

His name is Thor, people, which I assume means he's pretty serious. In fact, here's Thor now

Does he look like the kind of stylist that I want to strike up a semi-meaningless conversation knowing that I'll probably never step foot in the salon again? Or do I shut up and give him the space he needs to creatively work his magic? Hmmm....

And what to wear? Really, I can't go in there looking like a Kohls/Old Navy MOM. Those city slicksters will point and laugh. Such decisions. But the most important decision I'm dealing with is--what to do with my hair?

I'm thinking about Chelsea Kane's cute little hairstyle? What do you think?

Isn't it cute and sassy?

Here's what I assume is the only other way to wear this cut, with a bit of a feathered curl.

I'm also getting my hair colored. Again, not sure what I'm going to choose. I tend to go lighter in the summer because it makes dying my grays easier, a lot easier. 

Okay, enough with the self righteous post already, but honestly friends, what should I do?



  2. When I meet a new stylist, I usually take in a few pictures of hairstyles I like, just to give them a sense of my style. (Haha, because I'm so totally stylish!) The fancy places usually include a consultation at the beginning of your first visit. So you should have some non-awkward time to describe your taste.

    Mostly, I suggest you relax and enjoy! :)

  3. You're so right Misty, I'll definitely bring in some pictures.

  4. did you go? have you been thor'd?



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