Monday, October 17, 2011

Our very own harvest hoedown!

You guys, we had such a fun weekend. We threw a harvest party sleepover and I'm not sure who had more fun, all the kids running around or all the adults sitting, talking, drinking and eating.

From the moment Tanya and Camille arrived they found themselves hip hopping to Superbass and assisting Eugene in the kitchen as he whipped up his own fresh batch of pasta. 

Now, that's fresh. 

Then the Olsen's arrived along with a buffalo ranch dip, fudge brownies, and a tray of rice krispie treats. Oh how the indulgence began. So did the laughter. 

About two bottles of wine later we headed up to the Children's Farm for some country fun.

I reckon I oughta get me some hay piles for the backyard since them there kids loved it so much!  

Isn't this such a great picture!

Why does she always go for the pole? 

Please don't answer! :)

Here Piggy, Piggy

Camille, the Baby Whisperer

Isn't Kallan the cutest?

Wanna pet my bunny?

That same caption is much creepier when next to this picture

And for their final destination, the children frolicked as they swam in a vat of cork kernels.

Confused, Mia?

The farm was a perfect getaway. The kids had a blast and our mission to tire them out early was a success. When we arrived home we feasted on another amazing meal by Eugene and proceeded to sit outside by the bonfire laughing for hours. P.S. Tiffany Olsen is the perfect party accessory. She had us all rolling!!  And with so many speech alums around we convinced Camille to perform some late night speeches. She's awesome!

We all woke a little dazed the next morning, but perked up when 1) had a cup of coffee and 2) smelled what Eugene had brewing.

Yeah, see that avocado and carne asada breakfast skillet? It was awesome!

Thank you family and friends for making it such a memorable weekend. Until next time!!


  1. Well, Gina I can't imagine that I, your mother, am the first to comment...We had a great time!
    The meal was only surpassed by the company. Thanks for inviting us old folk.

  2. This looks like so much fun, Gina! Reminds me how important it is to make time for your friends!! :) And your kids are SUCH cuties!

  3. I loved the whole weekend. It was just perfect. Too bad I'm not represented in any photos :) Is that what happens when you sleep through the trip to the pumpkin patch? Anyway...thanks for the shout-out in the blog. I'll be signing autographs in Lombard anyday now ;)

  4. Lili wanted to say: "Lili loves the pictures. I hope we can see them some more. Love, liliana"



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