Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OMG! Mad Libs!

While impatiently waiting in the Old Navy checkout line I spied a Mad Libs and bought it instantly. Well, that is after the 17 minute wait to make it to the register. Remember Gina, you love the Holidays. You freakin' love the Holidays. It's moments like this that I need a festive reminder.

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But as it turns out the Mad Libs was worth every frustrating second. Instead of reading before bedtime tonight we filled out a Mad Lib and the kids lost their mind with laughter, even Chance. Granted, I had to explain to Mia what an adjective was about 30 times. And provide examples. At about round 23 my examples became much more descriptive: maddening. obnoxious. tiresome.

But honestly it was a great way to learn the grammar basics. And since I was asked to read the story again at breakfast, it goes to show you it tickled their funny bone. Here's their story:

"Book Review" by Bella, Mia and Chance

Mia has just written a book called "The Mom in the Ugly Zsa-Zsa." The main character in this smelly story is a suspicious woman named Bella who has just been elected president. She must decide whether to spend money on making gorgeous bombs, sending people to the planet Maki-kaki-faki or building weasels to accommodate the growing population. The author creates many cool moments, and you will find yourself sitting on the edge of your hoo-hoo late at night because you cannot stop dancing this book. Bella turns out to be the greatest president in the last century and leads the people to peace and bossy. This book is written smoothly and should be nominated for a one million dollar trophy.

FYI zsa-zsa means car and hoo-hoo means train in Chanceanese. I absolutely adore his little language something fierce. In fact, I reckon he's a gee-gee. Genius in momanese, DUH.

But really MadLibs would be great for some cooky winter break fun. Keep a book in the car for those aggravating road trips or heck even download a free and fancy-schmancy version to your phone or tablet.

Either way, enjoy.

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