Monday, December 3, 2012

Punching myself in the face during my piloxing class wasn't the best way to start my week!

This was last Monday when I gave my chin an uppercut, not today. Dude, I'm perpetually late.

How about a week in pictures?


In what can only be described as a Christmas miracle, all three kids played happily together AFTER SCHOOL!!

 The 4:00 witching hour never felt so peaceful.


Tuesday mornings are story time at the library. The theme this week was "pajamas and favorite stuffy" and Chance couldn't have been happier. See that little stuffy, his name is Fetch 
and he's Chance's favorite. 

He would wear his "zsa-zsa" pajamas all day and all night if he could.


The many faces of Mia


Bella has joined the Daisy Girl Scouts this year and we all joined her as she helped to decorate a tree at a local art park in the neighborhood.


Our Elf on the Shelf Dobby arrived!!

Within minutes the girls had letters written and tucked near him for a North Pole delivery.

They also thought he was hungry from traveling and offered up a pretzel chip.


The kids took an Elf on the Shelf craft class at the library and made their very own E.O.T.S.

Saturday evening we got a babysitter and headed to a friends house for some red wine, 
awesome food and good laughs. 


I caught Bella singing to herself near her Christmas tree and noticed that she formed some fake snow into some fancy accessories. Tee hee.

Man, this girl is growing so fast it's making me all mushy.

We ended our weekend with some pics in our fancy pajamas.

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