Thursday, March 14, 2013

As Seen on TV

Fact: My parents have a hard time passing up any kind of deal when it comes to retail shopping. No joke, they are some serious chronic shoppers!! It's been this way for as long as I can remember. Weekly outing trips to TJ Maxx was our version of family bonding. Spending hours and hours with my siblings playing hide and seek inside the clothes racks was how we survived.

We lived at Marshall's and TJ's!

And don't even get me started on Craigslist. It's my dad's new favorite obsession. "But Gina, that Tiffany style lamp is a steal!" Um Dad, it's TWO HOURS AWAY!!!!  Calculate the gas and the amount I believe I'm worth per hour and it is NO LONGER A DEAL!!!

But once in a very blue moon, they score and they score big.

Exhibit A: These "As Seen on TV" Tortilla Pans

I still laugh at the title "As Seen on TV" as if that's some sort of high class rating system. Oh jacknabbit, whom I kidding, I was a total sucker for the "As Seen on TV" big cupcake mold that hit the markets 3 years ago. Anyone? Anyone? 

But something about these caught my parents eyes as they walked the aisles of Walmart. And sure enough, it was their best purchase this year. My mom was sold after her first taco salad. So much, in fact, that they were hell bent on buying me my own set. They went back to Walmart the next day only to find that their precious pans were sold out. They searched Walgreens. They searched everywhere other than the As Seen on TV website, because they must have thought that would be like cheating or something--I mean they're THAT kind of bargain shopper. They searched high and low until one day, weeks after their first baked taco salad, they found a set for me at CVS.

I laughed my ass off when they brought it over because you would have thought it was a priceless heirloom the way they hyped it up.   

But like a good daughter, I invited my parents over for Taco Tuesday so I could make good on their offering and OMG you guys, THESE ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!

Five minutes in the oven is all it takes! Mini tortillas and even large ones work too. They make a perfect little baked bowl! I totally recommend this product, which I can't say for all the As Seen on TV products!


  1. Tell the story about your Dad bringing home the flamingo lawn decor. Puhleeeeease Gina, it's my favorite Post Bargain story!



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