Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowed In

In about two months it's going to be sunny and seventy, which is a FAR CRY from the 8 inches of snow that pounded us yesterday. Both schools were called off so our extended weekend grew another day longer thanks in part to our day off on Monday for Casmir Pulaski Day and Mother Nature on Tuesday. The kids didn't seem to mind a bit.

I haven't appreciated the nature around us quite like I did yesterday. It was breathtaking, really!

By 9:30 a.m. the kids had completed every puzzle in the house, ransacked every board game and even made their own little art gallery. Bella, a true perfectionist, titled every art piece:

"Playground" by Bella

"Angel-y" by Mia
"Castle" by Bella

"Pony" by Mia

Then we enjoyed a movie in our jammies and watched the snow fall all around us. My favorite part of the day was when Bella set up her bean bag in front of the window so she could simultaneously watch the snow and read a book. I couldn't help but capture the beauty of the moment, she really made my heart smile. It was SO grown up of her and so indicative of her personality, my little independent.

As promised, we played in the snow after nap time and had an absolute ball.

Making snow angels never gets old.

Little Chance doesn't even know what a snow angel is but he's SO damn determined to do everything that his older sisters do, it's hilarious.

Remind me to sign Mia up for softball this summer. She has impeccable aim, just ask my face.

Do ya see the size of that snowball she's holding???? My girl is ruthless one minute,

then sweet and innocent the next.

Check out that tree to the right of Bella, the one that's almost completely weighted down? Mia began crying because we had just watched The Lorax earlier that morning and talked about how important it was to take care of earth, and here we are letting this tree die. "WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING MOMMY!!!!" she muffled from behind her scarf. The four of us spent the next 20 minutes shaking off all the snow and sure enough the tree popped right back up. Thank God or I wouldn't have heard the end of it!!!!

And then in a moment of divine intervention a friend and their family showed up to our house to see if we wanted our driveway plowed. How awesome is that?!!!! Thank you Slack Family!

There's just something so magical and exciting about getting a "snow day" right? I mean the kids were jumping up and down chanting snow day! snow day! They certainly didn't react that way when they were told about their day off for Casmir Pulaski day--not in the least, although that would be pretty funny, huh?. 

We felt every bit of the magic and excitement that only a "Snow Day" can bring.

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