Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance - 80's Style

"SonofamothernamedGina" I roared while holding the flyer for this years Daddy Daughter Dance. THEY DID IT AGAIN, DAMMIT!

Last year I was seething with jealousy as Eugene and Bella got to hula their way through the Hawaiian themed party and this year, it's 80's style! Which is only like MY FAVORITE THEME PARTY EVER! Gag me with a spoon Parent Faculty Association, this is total bullshit man! Oh, sure, they have a Mother-Son event that's something majorly lame like "take your boy to the batting cages" or something, which, REALLY?  That is in NO way a party. Nothing I can dress up for, nothing I can call a special event and certainly nothing I can shake my groove thang to! I have half a mind to throw the biggest Mother-Daughter rave the PFA has ever seen. 

Bella, bless her heart, saw how resentful I was and gave me permission to wear a moustache and 
dress-up like a daddy to take her, which instantly caused me to spit out my water from laughter. 

Now that's love!!!

And as I wiped up my regurgitated water I found myself actually contemplating the thought of cross dressing, which I admit is a little bit obsessive. Fun and challenging? Yes. Freakishly overbearing? DEFINITELY!

I bitterly accepted the reality and knew that if I wasn't going, then hot damn, my girls would totally rock the 80's. I headed to Burlington Coat Factory which is my go-to place for fancy, sequined over-the-top girl dresses and wildly inappropriate urban toddler gear.

Without a crimper in sight, I took to my three barrel curling iron and kinked and curled the shit outta their hair and applied every piece of neon jewelry we owned.

My valley girls were like, totally, ready. 

***And for a MiaBellaVida first I will hand over the baton to Eugene, our very first guest blogger, to tell us a little bit more about this night.

February 23, 2013

My Dearest Bella and Mia,

Decades from now you will be reading this and learn about our special time together tonight.  I can tell you with my fresh memories that you two made me one proud daddy!  We dressed up in 80s and partied at Bella’s Daddy Daughter School Dance [By the way Mia: Your awesome sister Bella insisted that she invite you—even if you were not part of her school yet—so that you could feel special.  Unconditional love!]  

Your clothes were so awesome, and Mommy worked so hard to get the details just right.  
She even used belts as bracelets.  

I hope when you grow up that you continue to have crazy fun.  Always keep your spirit alive.  I love this 80s picture of us. 

I’ll remember that picture all the way to my old age.

My Mia…

Your spirit is so strong; never let that go.  Tonight, you especially loved your time with Mommy dressing you up as a 80s Material Girl.  I could see you checking yourself out in the mirror.  You like twisting one foot to the side like a fashion model.  

I could see the trust you had with Mommy dressing you in a style you’ve never seen before.  You loved every precious second with Mommy getting you fancied up.  Fast-forward: we’re in the minivan about to leave.  Mia, you were feeling so special all dressed up to go to the dance, and at that moment you realized something.  You started crying hysterically.  You realized that Mommy was not coming, and she couldn’t be there to see you for the first time on a school dance floor.  You had real tears falling.  And although you will continue to have fun, you would also continue the night missing Mommy.  That’s you, Mia.  You are connected to people in such a profoundly deep level.  Plus...I loved that we “sneaked” you into the dance.


I had an endearing moment with you. I could see that you were having so much fun listening to loud music.  We were near the DJ, and two of your friends came running to you to get your attention.  They wanted to dance with you.  The speakers were pounding.  So here you are, in a peer pressure moment, and you didn’t even think twice.  You politely let your friends know that you were dancing with me.  You even grabbed my hand and squeezed tight.  You gave me this look, Bella, that took my breath away.  I hope you know that you have your mother’s honest eyes.  You are an amazing 6 year old.  I love your “old” soul: You can quickly understand people.  I know you’ll grow into a beautiful person.  

During the dance, you both were so hilarious.  I laughed the whole time.  Here are some pictures that I took.  These make my heart melt.

While writing this letter to you, I am realizing something: We’ll have another father-daughter dance at your Wedding Night.  I think my happy heart will explode…walking you down the aisle…at our Daddy-Daughter Dance again. 

Will we talk?  Will we laugh?  Will we just dance in silence? 

I know that I will be so happy for you.  

Bella and Mia...

I want you to know…  Life is so short.  Live it now.  Live it sometimes dangerously.  People will influence you in your journey of life—not always down the right path.  You need to remember your roots.  Deep inside both of you are beautiful girls.  Never let anyone take that from you.  Love yourself relentlessly and try not to dilute this in exchange for other people needing to validate this for you.

I don’t know if this letter, in the future, will find you in bliss or in distress.  Whatever your situation, I know the truth about a few things: two beautiful girls love one another, love their parents, and love the adventures of life.  Your mom and I have always believed that the best gift we could have given you is the gift of one another.  Siblings will, indeed, outlive their parents.  This fact is rooted in nature.  Always grow your deep love for one another.  I wish you girls the best in life.

Loving You Forever,

Your Daddy


  1. Oh wow! This looks like so much fun. It reminds me of the Activity Nights I went to in Junior High.. Gina, maybe there'll be cooler mother/son activities when our boys hit East...

  2. This is the sweetest thing ever. I am at my desk weeping. I am not sure if the tears are from Eugine's lovely message to his girls or from the fact that the 80's was long enough ago that it is an "era" for six year olds to dress up like for a father/daughter dance. :)



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