Friday, January 15, 2010

Pinch Me

Eugene, I love you more than I can even put into words. You surprise me everyday, but this? This will go down as my most memorable birthday, I already know it.

I just found out that Eugene is taking me to Paris for 2 days. Oh. My. God. Just the two of us. What a surprise! The thought of an 8 hour flight without a child on my lap seems like a treat in itself. But to think that we will be landing in the city that started our love for travel, a city that has held a place in our hearts for years, a city so full of history and romance, a city where we'll walk hand in hand without a care in the world is the best gift you can give to me.

I am beyond excitement.

Since I have been fortunate enough to see the sights of Paris before I plan to spend the two days roaming the city without any plans, without an agenda. I plan to eat everything in sight. Especially the nutella crepes and the beef bourguignon. I plan to sit and enjoy eachother's company as we people watch and converse in one of the many cafes. I plan to window shop. I plan to explore. I plan to take pictures. I plan to love every moment of my time with Eugene.

And I plan to return home in time to fulfill my motherly obligation to Bella with the tickets to Annie that were already purchased.

Eugene travels a LOT for his work. Which, of course, has about 300 downsides. But the upsides? Well, (thanks to frequent flyer miles and Hilton points) two roundtrip tickets to Paris and two hotel nights cost.........$83. Can you believe it? Neither could I.

Bon Voyage!



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