Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twas 8 Days Post Christmas

And I've been too busy eating to blog. Not kidding. Christmas in the blogging world was old news 48 hours after the day so this post is sure to bore you. But come on, I have to blog about it.

Christmas was so memorable this year. Bella's age was perfect for celebrating it and I assume the next couple years will prove to be even more entertaining. Our Holly Jolly Christmas started the day after Thanksgiving and we spent plenty of family fun taking in all the sights and smells of this Christmas season.

We celebrated during breakfast.

We attempted a Gingerbread House that apparently resides on a fault line.

Okay, the real truth is that Mia WOULD NOT STOP eating the darn thing. We could barely build it before she'd gobble it up. That's okay, I threw a couple red hots in her direction and it stopped her in her tracks.

We embraced the outdoors.

We threw fits when our mittens proved useless when trying to pick up pinecones. Hence, the red, raw, clearly freezing hands.

We helped our Nana celebrate her birthday by devouring her cake.

We added Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock to our daily dance party lineup.

We saw the lights, the big beautiful lights.

We took a train ride through Santa's Village.

We cautiously watched as the other kids hiked up the North Pole.

We caroled at the library.

We learned to sled.

We plowed our snow for the first time. Tee. Hee.

We loved our comfy sweaters.

We shared laughs and memories with our families on Christmas Eve.

We watched as our daughters woke with such sleepy innocence.

We experienced their excitement as they opened their presents.

We tested safety standards.

We lounged the entire day and gorged on a meal fit for a king.

We, like the idiot parents we are, found out at 2AM Christmas Eve that Mia's present required an 18 hour charge. 18 hours! So, after dinner we "surprisingly" found 2 presents in the basement that Santa left for the girls.

We laughed that Bella wanted to perform naked bike riding.

We threw nutrition to the wind and devoured everything chocolate.

We dined at the Walnut Room under the most magnificent tree.

We are sad to see this season end because we've had so much fun all month long. I mean, like giddy, happiness every single day. Man, I love Christmas. Until next year....

Merry Christmas 2009!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! Looks like a ton of fun-- hahaha-- naked bike riding (with Uggs). SO CUTE. Also, Mia's hair looks super trendy-- love it!

  2. Oh my hairy, Gina! I love it. all of it. The Ho Ho Ho pancakes (glad there were three "ho's" and it wasn't just that someone was calling someone else a nasty name!) the beautiful trees, the presents...the photos!

    Looks like a wonderful season. Can I steal your adorable girls?? Or better yet, can I betrothe them to my adorable boys? lol


  3. Awesome pictures. What a beautiful Christmas you had!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and last year I shared Christmas pictrues all the way through late January. Like the 20th. lol.



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