Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shhh....don't tell Bella

After we dropped Bella off at preshool today after a loooong break, Mia and I came home to enjoy a quiet lunch together. When I put her in her high chair (without the tray because we're taking baby steps towards the adult table) and pushed her to the table she looked to her left and pointed to Bella's chair. I asked her if she wanted to sit in Bella's chair and she nodded her head up and down about 23 times. Smiling, I put her in her sister's chair and she was so excited!

I mean look at this

It reminds me of the time in 4th grade when a fellow classmate was out sick for the day and I asked the teacher if I could sit at her desk. You see, our classroom was filled with two types of desks, the ones that you put things in the open slot in the front and ones that you get to lift up (literally the entire desk top lifts up--it was so cool). Year after year I was always assigned to an open slot desk--it was heartbreaking! But I'll never forget that day that I sat in Sharon's flip top desk. I obsessively opened and closed that desk ALL DAY LONG. I kept trying to find reasons to open it. Like getting an eraser, or a new pencil, or sometimes for no reason at all other than to stick my head in there and smile. Such a geek! I'm sure the teacher was laughing at me the way I'm laughing at Mia right now.

She's on her own little cloud nine.

I can't peel her from the chair! We've moved on to finger painting.

I think this means I can FINALLY throw away the DISGUSTING food encrusted high chair! Yay!

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  1. We also bypassed the high chair and literally went straight for the table...but that's not why I'm commenting. I am laughing because I know the exact desks you are talking about!!! Both styles and I agree the lift-top is waaay cooler. When I was in fourth grade, this boy in my class named Mason liked to rock his back and forth and you know the seat is attached to the desk, so as he gained momentum, he literally tipped the whole thing over and landed on his back, flip top desk straight up in the air.

    I can still--honest to god--see the look on his face. it was the most hilarious thing that happened that year. I can't remember if he got in trouble for it, but I guess those are the dangers of the flip-top! lol :)

    She's adorable, gina!!



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