Friday, January 4, 2013

Merry, Merry Christmas 2012

Well the Yuletide fever has come and gone but what a great Christmas this was. My in-laws from California were here to celebrate the season and it made everything complete. 

Here's the pics....

The last night that Dobby and Elmo (my nephew's Elf) watched over us. 
Clearly, they're open minded.

8:30 AM Christmas morning. The holding area. The kids were told to wait until we were all prepped with cameras etc. This was the longest five minutes of their lives!


These few seconds in time when they walk into the room is so precious and yet so fleeting....

Santa brought Mia an awesome pirate treasure chest that was stocked with jewels, jewelry, perfume, hair accessories, fake glasses and a real treasure map! Pirate Queen Mia was THRILLED!

Santa brought Bella a pair of ice skates and her very own two person ice skating rink that is STILL not frozen yet, nearly a week later. Thanks global warming.

The kids gave Eugene and I our very own placemats!

Bella gave Mia a brand new school shirt to get her ready for her Kindergarten debut later this year. Milliseconds after this picture was captured she tossed the shirt aside, totally not getting it.
But I was with you all along Bella--it was an adorable gesture.

Little man Chance got a train table that BLEW HIS MIND. He wouldn't even look up for a picture he was so intent on playing with everything.

Later that day the entire family joined us for a pajama party Christmas. Yes, that is right. AN ADULT CHRISTMAS PAJAMA PARTY. I can't tell you how comfortable it was eating our
face off all day long while wearing stretchy pants.
It's a genius idea and I highly recommend this becomes a new family tradition.

For our Christmas day pajama party, the theme was "A Few of My Favorite Things." Every single person at the party made or brought their favorite meal. Every hour a new dish was passed out. 
It was heavenly.

We repurposed this Hallmark folding picture album to display our menu and each participant needed to explain why this was their favorite dish.

First Course- spinach lasagna, Portillo's italian beef & bruschetta.
Paired with Oyster Bay Pinot Nior.

Second course- Chocolate Malts (by the Narciso kids)

Third Course- Kare Kare, Ginataang hipon, and penil.
Paired with San Miguel Beer, Philippines

Fourth Course- Spaghetti al cartoccio, petit filet mignon sandwiches and mashed potatoes and lobster
Paired with- Santa Margherita pinot grigio and Mount Vedeer Cabernet Sauvignon

Fifth Course- Baker's Square french silk pie and homemade chocolate brownies ala mode
Paired with Fromboise Lambic beer and Kahlua Coffee, Mexico.

The girls enjoyed some fireside coloring between courses.

It was a pefect Christmas, from 8:30AM- 11:30PM we enjoyed eachother and relaxed more than normal, which is always a nice treat.

Shortly after Christmas we took a trip to our local forest preserves for some Winter fun

We dined in Chinatown

And took in all the sights at the Museum of Science and Industry.

On the busiest day of the year we randomly run into OUR NEIGHBORS and 
one of our favorite local families. 

The kids had SO much fun with this unexpected surprise.

The hall of trees that were dercorated for each country was so cool. 
Here's the filipinos in front of the Philippines tree!

We became yearly members so we'll have to make another trip soon. We had so much fun!

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  1. Adorable pictures! Genius pajama idea-- I am proposing this to the ILs for next year. Also, dude, the train table was the BEST TOY Santa has ever brought us. We have had it for 4 years, and they STILL love it-- they're kind of over trains for the moment, but they use it for their guys b/c it's the best height to play on. Well done, Santa :)



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