Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Tooth Fairy came! The Tooth Fairy came!

For the past 2 weeks Bella has been spotted all day long wiggling her ONE loose tooth. I'd catch her doing it in the car, on the couch, reading a book, in between bites of food--all the while loosening the heck out of it.

Two nights ago Eugene and I lay awake in bed and we hear our door SLOWLY creak open, ya know in the creepy horror movie kind of way--and it was Bella who came to tell us that her tooth was SERIOUSLY loose this time. Which meant that she had spent the past 3 hours in bed JIGGLING IT AGAIN! So at 10:30 at night Bella, Eugene and I huddled in our bathroom to check it out.

With a flick of her tongue her tooth would fall forward hanging on by a thread. It was hilarious actually.

I dared her to pull it out. She just laughed.

Apparently, she really wanted it to fall out at school because then she could get a super cool treasure box to hold it in. So we sent her back to bed and Eugene and I just smiled at eachother. Our little girl was getting so big....

When I picked her up yesterday from her Girl Scouts Meeting (btw, need any cookies?) she came rushing over to tell me that her tooth fell out!!!!! I hoisted her up in the air and hugged her like she was 9 months old again, so happy for her and her milestone. The story goes, she pulled it out during one of her reading sessions, alerted the teacher and was immediately sent to the nurse where sure enough, she got a little plastic treasure box to hold the tooth.

Not 10 minutes after she was home she had a letter written and placed under her pillow, which I didn't even know about until bedtime.

I adore her girly question mark!

But when I tucked her in I noticed the tooth wasn't there. Hmmm. "Bella, why wouldn't you put the tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy? Girl, that's how the story goes" I said.

"Because mom, remember in the movie Rise of the Guardians, when a tooth fairy takes a tooth it then holds all of their childhood memories. I don't want to give her my tooth because I want to remember all of my memories from childhood."

And my heart gushed right there. And if that wasn't enough she continued,

"Besides Mom, I don't need the money. Nana and Papa already gave me $2--I don't need any more. I just want my tooth and my memories."

The knife sunk in deeper.

"How about I hold on to the tooth then, for safe keeping" I assured her. She agreed and handed over the little treasure box.

So later that night, hours after she fell asleep the Tooth Fairy came and left a teeny, tiny letter addressed in a teeny, tiny envelope congratulating her on her 1st tooth loss. The letter also reminded her of a very special memory of hers. And filled with glitter was a rolled up $5 bill.


Happy 1st Tooth Loss Bella!

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