Sunday, January 6, 2013

So long 2012, it's been peachy!

We rang in the new year like most 30-something parents, relaxing on the couch remembering those drunken, hazy, room-spinning New Years from days gone by.

Gosh we were idiots, weren't we?

This year we had a nice dinner with all four grandparents and my sister...

My NYE highlight was no longer how trashy I could wear my make-up or how loud I can scream backwards from ten, no this year it was making some personalized glasses with paint markers five minutes before dinner began. Shit, how times have changed.

We had our own countdown at about 10:18 when it was clear to everyone that the kids must go to bed, for the sake of mankind these kids needed to go to bed!!! We passed out some Auld Lang Syne lyrics and hugged everyone tight.

2012 has been a great year. Here's some of our highlights...

Our Wisconsin Dells weekend getaway in the middle of Winter

Our American Girl turned 6

The Best Surprise Birthday Party EVER!!

Mia turned 5 and we all turned Pink

A Memorial Day Camp-Out

I performed on stage! Holy crap!

Our Tattoo Booth

Hot Air Balloons

Viva Las Vegas

Choo! Choo! Chance is TWO!

Summertime Lemonade Stand

Indiana Dunes

Movie Under the Stars

Bella's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Mia's 1st day of 4k

A Wonka Halloween

A Thankful Thanksgiving

A Christmas Surprise

Here's to 2013!

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