Monday, April 5, 2010

An Easter Stroll

The 3 day jelly bean sugar high that I've been sportin' has faded.
In fact, I'm slowly crashing, but before I run on empty
I thought I'd share a story.

My mom has been a Director of Nursing for an alzheimer's facility for as long as I can remember. We try to take Bella and Mia there as much as we can.

We see the importance in giving back to others--even if it's just our time.

The residents LOVE it when kids visit--it brightens their day so much.
For Easter, they put on an egg hunt and a
picture session with the Easter Bunny.

Bella, Mia and my nephew Max stormed through the halls in search for
colored eggs--as if they were the LAST EGGS ON EARTH!
It's always so hilarious watching kids go for eggs huh?!
Such determination.

The residents are so cute---they could sit and talk with a child for hours
(it's sad to say but both their minds are on similar levels,
alzheimer's is heartbreaking in that sense).
Here they are asking Mia about her eggs.
This picture makes me smile every time I look at it because
Mia is doing the "no-no-no" sign to Miss Mary correcting her as
to the number of eggs that are in her basket.
Mia's independent, know-it-all phase is rather hilarious to witness.

But Mia felt comfortable and safe with Miss Mary and
decided to award her with
one of her coveted and well earned easter eggs.

And that small gesture of compassion is how their friendship began.
The series of moments that followed left my heart smiling.

Miss Mary asked Mia for a walk, and Mia obliged.

They strolled, hand in hand, for several laps around the facility.
All the while, Miss Mary thanked Mia
for walking with her and told her over and
over and over again how "marvelous" this was.
Watching the two of them talk and walk was so memorable.

It's witnessing these simple acts of kindness

that make parenting so worth it.

Last year Mia could barely even walk at this event

It's good to know we're doing something right.


  1. Dogs all over the neighborhood are twitching from my high-pitched "aawww" right now. So sweet. Just, beautifully, unbelievably sweet.

  2. Ug, this is so sweet. Love that Mia and Miss Mary. You guys are good eggs.



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