Saturday, April 10, 2010

How about an Easter wrap-up on this lovely Saturday night? How about I get a life?

Anyone in the mood for some more Easter pics? Yes, I know it was a week ago but SHEESH I'm only doing this so that I have a record of it. So if you're bored, well then, you can kindly suck it. Yeah, I'm pretty blunt this pregnancy or as my sister likes to call it "stern" which is her way of saying that I'm a raging cooz.

Sadly, I can't deny it. I HAVE NO PATIENCE ANYMORE.

But aside from my constant complaining and nagging--my girls look pretty happy in these pics. In fact, it was a pretty great Easter this year.

Can you believe how grown up Mia is becoming? It's rather heartbreaking.

Do you like Mia's hooker shoes? She did. In fact she rocked them ALL DAY LONG. Get this--she wouldn't walk on carpet, only floors where she could hear the sound of her shoes, isn't that hysterical?

Come to think of it, is it pathetic that my 22 month old is able to wear higher heels than I do right now? Kindly keep your answer to yourself.

Yay! We even managed to get a family picture!.

And of course we had an Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately it started raining just as I was about to hide the eggs outside so we ended up "hiding" the eggs in the living room. And by hiding I mean leaving them out in the wide open so that we could get through the damn thing as soon as possible. See? Greatest. Mother. Ever.

Mia decided to change out of the "sunday best" that I dressed her in so that she could wear her version of a "sunday best," my nephew's firefighter raincoat.

Never a dull moment.

I heart this picture because it was the first day that my nephew Erik tasted chocolate candy. He was going bonkers all afternoon in search of chocolate eggs. Isn't this pic adorable? It's the deer in the headlights look and a mouthful of chocolate that I adore.

Despite several meltdowns

And a partial cradle...

We had a great Easter!


  1. I love the expression on Mia's face as Bella "hugs" her (and yes, it does look like she's trying to choke her!) You guys look great, and the girls won't care that the eggs were hidden in the living room. All they'll remember is the fun they had.

  2. Great pics Gina! I love the partial cradle...we get that a lot around here!

  3. The older ones always grab around the neck for the hug!! That raincoat is hysterical and I have to tell you, the family pic is a framer! :) So cute! Sounds like a fun day!!



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