Thursday, April 1, 2010

Take My Hand

As I held Mia's hand walking through the parking lot it felt so foreign.
Holding just one hand.
Mia's hand.

This moment so rarely happens that I embraced all of it.
And took a pic so I could always remember it.

Would she be a different person if she was my 1st?
Would she be different if she had 15 months alone with me, like her sister?
Would she be different if she had the spotlight all to herself?

These thoughts BRIEFLY entered my head but FADED just as fast.
None of it matters cuz she's Mia...and any other version of her just wouldn't be, her.

The one who makes me laugh all day long.
The one who has such a young heart full of love and compassion.
The one who holds her ground so steadfast and strong.
The one who makes any animal a friend of hers.
The one who lives for a familiar and common moment to share with those around her.
The one who isn't afraid of challenges.
The one who faithfully puts her cheek to mine every morning.

My lil' Mia.


  1. Gina! Love the blog makeover. And what a sweet moment, mama & the middle kid. Y'all are adorable.

  2. love the sweet post. you need to have 4 so there is no middle. died laughing at you saying this would be my last pregnancy. we told the kids last night. this morning driving to school i got, "big daddy and zb sitting in a tree . . . comes TWO babies in a baby carriage!"

  3. Love the new look! I have blog envy!

  4. Love the new look!!

    A very sweet post.

    I love holding Jack's hand-- I always feel like the Man in the Yellow Hat.



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