Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sorry girls, it's not that kind of tea party!

We circled the National Mall several times in search for the perfect parking spot. One that puts us at an equal distance from the White House and the reflecting pool and sure enough we found one. It took about thirty seconds after exiting the car for my dad to strike up a conversation with the man parked behind us--my dad, he's swift that way. As I shuffled with diapers and baby wipes in the backseat of the car I heard the man say to my dad, "I'm in town from Missoura to pass out my buttons."

Ahh, he seemed sweet. As I continued to gather up the days necessities: sweatshirts, sippy cups and goldfish crackers, I heard him say to Mia, "I've got just the button for you." Ahh, again with the generosity. Gotta love this country. Once I fumbled myself out of the van and thanked him for the button, I turned around and looked at Mia and stared with my mouth wide open at what was pinned to my precious.

I shot my dad the evil eyes and he just started laughing. Boy does he know how to press my buttons. I mean look at poor little objectified Mia.

It's like she's in pain or something.

Well, I'll have you know that this button stayed pinned to her chest for about 45 seconds.

On to the White House...

After visiting the White House we picnicked next to the reflecting pool in the shadows of both the Washington and Lincoln Memorials. What memories....

The girls got seriously drenched from all the splashin' around!

This was the only salvageable picture from a brief sitting with both girls. Lovely.

Overall, Washington D.C. turned out to be a perfect place to spend a weekend.
Next stop, Virginia!


  1. Oh that pin! And oh those pictures of the girls splashing! Beautiful!

  2. So fun. I seriously wish I had the guts to do a road trip. YOU inspire ME! :)

  3. i love that you dress them alike. ahhhh sweet sissys! and i love the photos. and i love that your parentals took this trip with you. you are a lucky girl!



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